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Alice Mary is classically trained, techno-loving Jimi Hendrix fan who has somehow become a pop musician. Taking inspiration from her varied interests she has created an intriguing debut EP in I Am Here. Like many musicians Alice is an introvert off-stage, but on-stage she commands attention with stark lyrics, impressive guitar playing and memorable, haunting melodies.

Alice Mary began recording music in her bedroom when she was 14 years old. Back then she used a four-track tape recorder, layering guitar parts and quietly singing over the top, hoping no one could hear her voice. But after years of playing guitar for other bands and geeking out making electronic music in her bedroom, she decided to bring her artistic voice to the fore and start her own solo project.

I Am Here was originally intended to be a set of instrumentals, born from experimenting with recordings of a broken autoharp. Listening to producers like Shigeto and Flying Lotus, Alice began stretching, twisting and splicing up the recordings, and adding programmed drum beats and synth parts. At the same time, she started writing lyrics in an effort to untangle and express overwhelming feelings of love and loss that had been kept at bay for too long. When Alice matched these lyrics to the instrumentals, her songs came to life.

Influenced by lyricists like Feist and Conor Oberst, Alice Mary’s songs refuse to shy away from unflattering truths about herself. She explores the confusing feeling of bouncing between extremes: love and hate, passion and apathy, confusion and clarity. Her lyrics lay everything bare; with brevity and a sense of humour she owns up to the selfish, petty and unattractive thoughts most of us are too embarrassed to bring up.

After adjusting and perfecting her productions, and working with Marc Pell (of Micachu and the Shapes) to record the vocals, Alice shared her first demos online and was blown away by the response. Her songs were featured on Moarrr, Female:Pressure, and Tom Robinson’s Fresh Faves, and described by Don’t Need No Melody as “pretty damn amazing”. You can find her songs on compilations by Midnight Special Records and Might As Well.

Following gigs with a live band in London and Paris, Alice decided to bring her fellow musicians (drummer Alex Walker and bassist Alex Bloxham) into the studio to co-produce and add live synths, guitars, bass and piano to her songs. The resulting EP is a confident, sumptuous pop record. When it’s released on 7th July 2017, Alice Mary’s voice will finally come out of the bedroom studio to take centre stage.

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